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Hockey Camp

The Best Ice Hockey Camp in Maine

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Take your Ice Hockey game to the next level!

At Camp All-Star, you can maximize your hockey game while having fun and meeting new friends at one of the best hockey camps in New England. Our ice hockey camp specializes
in teaching kids about ice hockey rules, skills and techniques. Our capacity to provide individualized instruction and training will also help them become an improved hockey player.

Benefits of Youth Hockey Camp

At Maine's Camp All-Star, our campers can experience the following benefits during our residential ice hockey summer camp:

  • Campers are able to customize their schedules
  • 4-to-1 camper-to-coach ratio
  • Top-notch college hockey coaching
  • $40 million camp facilities including our own NHL rink and locker rooms
  • Enjoy playing ice hockey and performing hockey drills for hours each day!
  • Hockey campers are grouped by ability level
  • Select from 30+ other sports and activities offered by Camp All-Star as well!

Train Harder and Get Better At Our Ice Hockey Camp

Training to be better athletes includes a variety of focus areas. It’s important that players understand the rules and regulations of the game. Our hockey coaches help campers understand just how the game works, so that they can play accordingly. At our Maine youth hockey skills camp, we instruct the players on ice hockey rules in a nurturing environment so that kids always feel comfortable on the ice. We also help teach kids the tips and techniques of the game to make them better competitors able to maximize all opportunities in every game. In addition to these concepts, it’s important to use hockey drills in order to train physically in the following areas:

  • Lower Body: Your legs can be your best weapon when playing ice hockey. The power in your legs can help you build speed and power when skating.
  • Upper Body: Don’t just get strong, get power! Incorporate exercises that lead to increased power and better execution of hockey skills.
  • Core: Core strengthening is important in any activity, but especially in hockey. Having a strong core will give you balance as well as helping give you the power to make successful shots and passes. Our experienced hockey coaching staff puts an emphasis on accuracy, velocity, and scoring, and they develop particular skills related to specific positions.
  • Cardio: By participating in cardio, you can build up your speed and endurance which is vital during game time. Running and biking are a great way to get the necessary cardio for being able to keep one’s ice hockey skills sharp late in the game.
  • Grip Control: Learning how to successfully handle a hockey stick will help you control the puck, and it will improve your wrist shot, slapshot, and backhand shot from a stationary position as well as shooting on the move.

By the end of the camp, you will see great improvement in your child’s skill level in ice hockey.

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