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  1. Where is Camp All-Star located, and what are the facilities like?
  2. How does a camper’s daily schedule work?
  3. What is the Camp All-Star staff like?
  4. Will my child have fun at Camp All-Star?
  5. Will my child learn something at Camp All-Star?
  6. How does Camp All-Star view competition?
  7. Are there other things to do at Camp All-Star besides sports?
  8. Does Camp All-Star have religious services or affiliations?
  9. Why is Camp All-Star unique?
  10. How can I find out more about Camp All-Star?
Where is Camp All-Star located, and what are the facilities like?

The Maine camp is located at a distinguished college preparatory school on a beautiful campus that features superb athletic facilities. In keeping with the boarding school tradition, campers stay in single-sex dormitories and participate in structured activities. The campus provides a safe, comfortable, nurturing environment with incredible facilities.  We are fortunate to be able to take advantage of the 50,000 sq. ft. Alfond Athletic Center, which features an NHL-size ice rink for hockey and figure skating, a gymnasium for basketball and volleyball, and a fitness center with cardiovascular equipment.  We also take full advantage of the 200,000 sq. ft turf fields on campus, which are the largest turf fields at any school or camp in the Northeast.  In addition, we are proud of the new Performing Arts Center and the beautiful dorms and dining hall.

Kents Hill, Maine

Camp All-Star, Maine is a coed sleep-over summer sports camp located at Kents Hill School in the scenic Belgrade Lakes region of Maine. The classic New England campus with its tree-lined pathways and ivy-covered brick buildings is situated on the top of a hill overlooking spectacular lake and mountain vistas. This locale allows for cooling summer breezes and incredible evening sunsets. The average summer temperature here is a delightful 78° making it the perfect place for a sports camp! Kents Hill is located just 15 minutes outside of Maine’s capital city of Augusta, and within one hour’s drive from the Portland International Jetport, the New Hampshire state line and the rocky coast of Maine.
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How does a camper’s daily schedule work?

Before the summer, campers, along with their parents, customize their daily schedules on the All-Star Activity Selection Form.

Children can participate in a skill-appropriate major sport up to 2 periods per day. They then select from the list of skills to complete their activities. Typically, the major sports selected are scheduled daily, and the skills are scheduled every other day. Campers are given the opportunity to re-customize their schedules each week. To view the list of major sports and skills available, please click on the link for Program and Sports.

Upon arrival, campers will receive a skills analysis and evaluation session with our coaches and counselors. Final schedules will be determined from this analysis. On-going interaction between each camper and his or her counselor will allow for adjustment to the schedules to make sure each child is making progress, having fun, and getting the most out of their structured program. There are 4 structured periods during a given program day. Program days alternate between A days and B days. Campers will have a customized A day schedule and a customized B day schedule that will rotate throughout the session.

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What is the Camp All-Star staff like?

With a maximum camper-to-counselor ratio of 8-to-1, Camp All-Star is able to provide more opportunity for individual attention than you’ll find at most camps.

All-Star staff includes college and high school coaches who have been selected for personality, experience working with children, coaching ability and athletic specialty, and who have been drawn to Camp All-Star on recommendation and reputation.

We supplement our coaching staff with college athletes who have demonstrated an ability to lead and to serve as good role models for children. Most are over the age of 21 and have had prior camping and teaching experience. All of our staff are personally interviewed and selected by the camp director, and all share a deep and abiding commitment to children and their happiness. All staff undergo a complete background check as well as multiple reference checks prior to being hired. Staff members receive pre-camp training and orientation, and they have ongoing support available to them throughout the summer.

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Will my child have fun at Camp All-Star?

Camp All-Star is above-all-else FUN!  With so many activities to choose from in the daily schedule, evening programs every night, trips out of camp, and quality time to laugh and make new friendships, we know that your child will have fun safely while at Camp All-Star during the summer. Camp All-Star strives to balance the nature of a sports camp with the foundations of a traditional camp.  We are able to bring the best of both worlds together in one tightly-knit community: growing, challenging, supporting, and enjoying each other during every minute of camp life.  Not only will your child have FUN at Camp All-Star, but he/she will return home with a strengthened sense of inner core values and self-confidence.

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Will my child learn something at Camp All-Star?

We guarantee that your child will learn many things while at Camp All-Star. On the field or court our experienced and qualified staff will impart new skills to campers in each respective sports area. Whether trying an activity for the first time or strengthening already-honed skills in a favorite sport, the Camp All-Star staff makes it a priority to always challenge campers to do their best and meet their potential. In the dorms, around campus, and on trips out of camp, Camp All-Star campers will also learn to live and play with others, a very valuable life lesson. There is a strong sense of community at Camp All-Star, and the values that we try to instill in our campers are principles that will follow them throughout their lives. 

At Camp All-Star, children have fun, make new friends, and learn new things in a safe, comfortable environment. Campers are gently encouraged to develop confidence and self-esteem while learning new athletic skills. Summer at Camp All-Star is a unique, character building experience that will produce life-long camp memories!

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How does Camp All-Star view competition?

Competition at All-Star should be viewed in its proper perspective. The word “competition” often conjures in people’s minds what are really the defects of competition. Properly structured, athletic competition provides an opportunity for campers to challenge themselves, to use the skills that they are developing, and to cultivate proper attitude and good sportsmanship. These benefits are best attained when the playing ability of the campers is compatible and when the leadership is sensitive to the potential for enhancing personal development through competition. There are no awards given at camp. There are no honor rolls. We strive to help campers develop self-esteem. To select only a few for awards would defeat what we are trying to accomplish.

During the summer, campers will have the opportunity to participate in athletic competitions and tournaments with neighboring camps. While we are competitive, our win/loss record is not the determining factor in judging the success of our summer. We play to win, but consider the game a success if we played our best, have been good sports and have had a great time. Our emphasis will be on participation. There are no cuts or tryouts. While we definitely play to win, every camper should have an opportunity to participate competitively, regardless of ability. We encourage campers to participate in new activities so that they can enjoy a wide variety of sports and develop new skills.

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Are there other things to do at Camp All-Star besides sports?

Although Camp All-Star is a sports camp, we feel that it is essential to offer other activities besides sports while campers are with us during the summer. By offering arts & crafts and fishing for example, we allow campers to venture into other areas of instruction that are non-sports related. This “break” away from sports enables campers to try something new while still receiving excellent instruction and discovering new talents. 

We also have many activities during the evenings that are non-sports related. Our evening program schedule has a wide variety of activities and has included: Camper Skit Nights, Socials, Wacky Counselor Night, All-Star Idol, and Counselor Cabaret to name a few.

In addition to our daily programs, Camp All-Star also takes trips out of camp. Some of our past trips have included: the beach, fireworks for 4th of July, movie theater, and the bowling alley. On alternating Saturdays, multi-week campers have the option of going white water rafting, deep sea fishing, whale watching, or on a similar adventure. There is truly something for everyone at Camp All-Star, and it is our goal to have a fun-packed, safe summer!

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Does Camp All-Star have religious services or affiliations?

Camp All-Star is a non-denominational camp. We are not affiliated with any religion or faith, and no religious services are ever held during the summer. Camp All-Star welcomes families of all faiths and denominations to our campuses.

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Why is Camp All-Star unique?

Choice. Challenge. Fun. Our flexible 1, 2, 3, or 4-week sessions are a popular choice with busy families today. Campers can customize their daily programs by selecting their preferred sports and activities at the time of online registration. They are also given the opportunity to re-customize their schedules each week. We raise the bar by usually hiringhighly qualified and experienced coaches to be the directors of each of our sports programs. Needless to say, we feel our facilities and staff are matchless!  We do not know of any other camp with an NHL-size ice rink, an $8 million athletic center, a 200,000 sq. ft. turf field, and a new Performing Arts Center!

Great facilities. Fantastic staff. A commitment to excellence. A customized schedule.  Camp All-Star has it all.

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How can I find out more about Camp All-Star?

To find out more about Camp All-Star, simply give us a call at 1-800-NIKE-CAMP or email us at info@campallstar.com.We would be happy to answer any and all questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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