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"When searching for a sports camp for our 10 year old we came upon camp allstar and although far from home after doing our due diligence  felt that it would be a good fit and worth the effort.  We  were not disappointed. From the engaging staff upon arrival to the Daily communication through the bunk news letter and photos we were constantly reassured of our decision. I guess it can be summed up when we spoke to Gabe at the mid session call home and after 3 minutes he said 'are we done I have a basketball game to get to.' He loved it. Keep doing what you're doing. It's working. Ps. He also came home liking a bunch of new food. Total bonus." 

— Doug & Amy, Nova Scotia

"We feel lucky to have found Camp All-Star. Our boys got a chance to play the sports they love, enjoy new activities and experience summer camp life with a well-qualified staff of counselors and coaches that seemed truly interested in making a positive difference in my sons' lives."

— Family of Joe and Pete N. Ages 14 & 12, Wilton, CT

"The camp met and exceeded our expectations. We did not realize that there were so many extra curricular activities (trips, Pro Sports Day, carnivals, etc.). The staff was supportive and nurturing and helped the kids develop their skills and try new activities."

— Family of Warren and Victoria V., Ages 14 and 11, Princeton, NJ

"Great campus! Great counselors! Great coaches! Great food! Great time!"

— Family of Nick P., Age 11, Southboro, MA

"Camp All-Star looked great, but I worried because our daughter had never been away to camp before. The camp experience exceeded our expectations, and she can hardly wait to return to all the fun and excellent counselors."

— Family of Meredith P., Age 13, Lenox, MA

"I could fill this whole page with “thank you” and even then it would not convey all my gratitude. Kyle came home from camp again this year so happy. He had a great time. He came home a little taller and more confident! Last year, Kyle played lacrosse for the first time at camp. This year he went out for the sport at school. I would say you accomplished everything that your mission statement states and more. Above all, you made him feel special."

— Family of Kyle K., Age 15, Miami, FL

"The best thing I noticed when I visited Camp All-Star and watched my son play various sports was the supportive atmosphere that the other kids created cheering one another along. It was there for all players – the stars and the beginners. I think this reflects the spirit encouraged by the Director and Staff! Congratulations!"

— Family of George S., Age 12, Atlanta, GA

"Our daughter had her camping dreams come true at Camp All-Star! She stretched physically and socially, with intelligent and compassionate support all the way! The food was good, too!"

— Family of Elizabeth R., age 14, Denver, CO

"My son loved your camp. He went to another camp at 9 years old for two weeks, and we had to pick him up a week early. It was a very negative experience. Camp All-Star turned out to be a great experience. He wished he could have stayed longer."

— Family of Barrett E., Age 15, Foxboro, MA

"This soccer season Amelia has really turned her travel team soccer game up to the next level. There is marked improvement in her skill level, and it has been noticed not just by me but also by her coaches and teammates. I asked Amelia about this marked improvement, and she attributed it all to Camp All-Star."

— Family of Amelia W., Age 12, Newton, MA

"At the end of her 2 week session, my daughter called and said she wanted to stay the rest of the summer!"

— Family of Alexis A., Age 14, Highland Park, IL

"A well planned and thought out camp…with just 2 goals: to see your child succeed and have fun!"

— Family of Alex S., Age 11, Tampa, FL
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