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The Positive Side of Camp

Attending an overnight sports camp can be a very rewarding experience for adolescence from every part of the world. Sports camp is not solely for the purpose of enhancing the athletic talents of those who attend, but camp can broaden the social skills and help adolescence detach from a routine home life. The physical aspect of sports camp along with the increased independence that campers obtain while at camp can be useful later in life, and provide many reasons to attend any overnight sports camp.

            Attending an overnight camp gives campers the experience of leaving home for the first time. Leaving home for many campers in the most challenging part of camp. Getting comfortable in everyday routines can be useful, but it can make adapting to change later in life more difficult. For example many first year college students experience homesickness for the first time, and the challenges associated with being away from home, and attending college can affect student’s grades negatively. Studies have proven that those who attend overnight camps have a greater chance at avoiding homesickness during their first year because they have already learned the coping skills necessary to adapt to the challenges of leaving home.

            An obvious reason for attending an overnight sports camp is to increase the athletic ability of campers, and to stay in good physical shape. Most coaches can recognize and appreciate the athletes who take their summer to enhance their playing skills, and the rewards of such recognition can be very useful. Most secondary athletics can be very competitive which creates a difficult environment for new players to learn and enhance their playing skills. Sports camp can provide positive one on one instruction in a lenient environment that prepares athletes for the challenges of school athletics.

            Sports camp can be a great place for adolescents to build confidence. Trying new things, sometimes frightening things helps campers build the much needed confidence to tackle challenges back home. The pressure to gain the approval of friends back home can prohibit children from trying new things and leaving their comfort zone. Camp gives children the ability to surround themselves with different people, which can make venturing outside of that comfort zone much easier. Once the foundation of confidence is built children can expand on that confidence and apply it to everyday life back home.

            In today’s modern world technology is a part of everyday life. Social media, computers, cell phones and IPods are everywhere. Camp gives children the ability to detach from the technology that surrounds them every day. By forcing children to interact face to face and engage in activities outside can be very useful by showing adolescence that there is more to life than whether or not your crush is going to poke you on Facebook. This can be very challenging for new campers at first, but usually technology is forgotten about shortly into camp as campers realize that there is plenty of other stuff to do. 

            Social skills, athleticism, and confidence are only a few characteristics that makes overnight sports camp an unmeasurable asset to adolescences. There are numerous stories from parents who notice positive changes in behaviors as campers return home. Coaches boast about how much kids improve over the summer from receiving one on one instruction, and being forced to push themselves further than they felt comfortable doing back home. The confidence built while at camp proves useful in the classroom and on the field as young athletes score more goals, and challenge themselves with team captain positions. Attending an overnight sports camp can be one of the greatest decisions for parents and children alike. 

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"I am not quite sure how the camp as a whole accomplished this, but Eric returned so much more mature and self-confident. He was respected by the counselors and in return respected everything they offered: both instructionally and emotionally. The staff seemed to have been able to reach him and get through to him, challenge him without discouraging him, and, all in all, make him feel like his dreams are attainable."

Family of Eric D., Age 15, Miami, FL